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Modern Fascism

Perfection is nonexistent in nature

Then why the stubbornness? 

Why support monopolistic institutions?

What purpose do these organizations serve?

Besides the fact adults are treated like children

Provided serial numbers as though machines

Placed on the assembly lines of statism 

The final product is the stupefying of people everywhere

In regards to creativity in association with knowledge seeking 

The Prussian education system has failed everyone

The model school for an economic era a century ago

Meant to indoctrinate people to volunteer as servants of the collective

Mann the machines found inside factories

Work the farmland beyond the urban centers where polluted clouds form

To die on battlefields in wars ignited by central bankers

Come on everyone!

Enlist in the king’s army of millions!

Become the royal family’s cannon fodder!

Allow your loved ones to weep at your grave!

Hey intellectuals!

Come work inside the state controlled laboratories! 

Surrender your voice to popular scientific opinion!

Control the conclusion of touchy subjects! 

Wield the power to discard disruptive evidence!

Especially the samples that can disprove previous conclusions!

Any country boys and girls in my proximity?

Become a farmer who tills soil depleted of nutrients!

Raise livestock for manipulated commodity prices!

Everyone loves when statists handle the markets!

Hey city folk!

Love endless paperwork in an office building?

Especially when the task stifles your imagination?

Good, then you will never remove yourself from the collective!

Want to run for political office?

Become someone who makes false promises!

Satisfy the corporations through their lobbyists!

Wait a minute 

Why the necessity to list every occupation?

Are these examples enough to realize the state is cruel?

May I have your attention please

The moment has arrived to declare freedom of expression

These political demons love to cease creativity

Become an entrepreneur to forge new industries

Become a writer who composes strange tales

Promise to never label children as second class citizens

The available opportunities are infinite

Unless you lack the mindset glasses to observe them

Besides, why the requirement of a big brother to exist?

In my twenty three years of life 

I have never met anyone who achieved omniscience 

I refuse to believe money stolen at gunpoint is moral

Even under the veil of ‘for the greater good’

One of the most dangerous phrases known to man

If liberation from the increase in widespread fascism is desired 

Free yourself from the shackles you voluntarily bound 

No decent, permanent changes in humanity were ever achieved through protest