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The Senses Unfulfilled


Technological progress has provided greater connection between people

Oceans are crossed by airliners in hours

A complete orbit of the Earth by satellites in minutes

Messages sent through the internet read in seconds

In the shadows created by these rapid advances

I sense a disturbing reality

I receive cold stares from other grocery shoppers

I detect hushed voices between best friends

More than one person is texting on their smartphone

I’m an optimistic individual deep within the land of pessimism


Are most too frightened to speak with complete strangers?

Make phone calls to state your willingness to meet your friends somewhere?

Have these former concepts gone extinct?

Was the Millennial generation conquered by an abiotic, electronic invader?

The belief text messages can outright replace audible conversations

The lack of body language from people well apparent

The accepted conditions of modern, urban society

The lack of these human details horrifies me

At least video chat services provide these my communication requirements


Other important aspects of socialization are absent

I cannot touch them because we live on separate continents

Their sweet pheromones cannot be smelled from half a world away

No odor microphones have materialized in the early 21st century

I hate to observe a future girlfriend with tears on rosy cheeks

Unable to wipe them for her

How is this authentic contact with loved ones?

I’m prevented from access to all five senses of humanity


Two solutions can solve this rampant problem

Invent faster modes of public transportation

Or create teleportation devices based on those from popular science fiction films

I prefer conversations done face-to-face

No wonder many feel disconnected in the Western World

We have overlooked the optimum option that was always available

At least since language was invented

With all due respect

Please purchase a ticket

Travel for loved ones by airplane or train

Take a road trip

Whether by car or bus

No matter the distance to our destinations

We must revive the lost connections

Before the self-constructed castle walls prevent all forms of camaraderie

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