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5 Things Never To Say To Creative Writers

1.) You’re wasting your time writing novels which don’t sell…yet. I understand, us writers comprise one of the most competitive, rewarding industries, and everyone who is not creating a literary work of art will never understand this culture of pen pushers (or keyboard typists). Yes, we can have a day job somewhere which composes most of our income, but even if we never make it big like Suzanne Collins or Stephen King, nobody can remove the enjoyment of writing. Personally, writing novels is what calms me despite my strict deadlines to keep the current project moving. You see, writing is more than a hobby one takes up to fulfill an underutilized passion. Writing is a way of life.


2.) How many books have you sold? Gee, not too many I suspect. In comparison to any new business in the district, consumer traffic will be slow regardless of whether you have marketing skills or none to mention. The truth is, yes, writing books as a career is a business all its own. Step one, write the first draft and edit until you believe the manuscript is ready for a professional editor. Step two, have someone edit the book (I went through Createspace, where I was rewarded with knowledge to improve future books), you understand what I mean. Nobody said being an author was an easy method to succeed in life. Nobody ever mentioned that writing as a career was meant to be filled with fame and fortune. However, I believe all writers, should they put in the effort to create product of words, are guaranteed to have satisfaction by the simple task of doing something few will complete much less attempt.


3.) Why don’t you do something much easier to make money? Are you crazy? Again, I’m not seeking fame and fortune as the end goal as a creative writer. True, I wish to live a decent existence where I can pay for groceries and medical expenses without worry of being poor. But deep down, I don’t have many needs or wants in this life I’ve been given. Besides, should I become the next famous author, the money will always be funneled to charity or innovative, scientific projects to help humanity. I may struggle with what I wish to accomplish in my second career, no matter what, writing novels will always be my number one passion.


4.) Why do you spend so much time alone? This seems to be a redundant statement from those who will never reach for the pen or keyboard the way creative writers do. Writing, similar to professions that include engineering and science jobs, is a job where someone spends the majority of their activities away from other people. Furthermore, most writers cannot stand a noisy environment in their workplace of choice because of the numerous distractions. Working at your favorite fast food restaurant or in some factory where earplugs are required to protect hearing is not our forte anyway. Besides, many writers are introverts, individuals who prefer to spend time alone as a means to reenergize; not because we are antisocial.


5.) I don’t understand your writing, your story didn’t make any sense. Ah, the inevitable accusation whether or not they are based in logic or ignorance. I understand, the first book anybody publishes for humanity to read will not be our best novel. True, some will receive an exemption as they rake in the newly obtained wealth because they struck the right cords with readers around the world. For most writers, we need to publish numerous novels to build our author businesses, we need to reveal our credibility as a brand before readers will pay attention; reputation. Take any athlete which has achieved high honors for their skills obtained from practice, repetition, and endurance as they believed they shall be rewarded for their hard work. Everyone starts their chosen passion as a beginner, don’t expect writers to have bestselling novels the first time they throw a pitch like the upcoming major league baseball player does in little league. Years will be required for most who wish to succeed regardless of their passion. Just because I wasn’t an overnight sensation with my first novel Snow Wolf doesn’t meant another of my novels, whether written or remain an idea or completed outline, will be my breakout product written with confidence and pride to create a literary masterpiece none shall ever replicate.

Inspirational Whiteboard Art of Mine

*Originally published on May 13th, 2016 at joelhovell.com


Yes, I’m guilty as is the guy next in line. I still continue to watch the news and surf through social media. However, what Tim Ferris instructed was to remove the philosophical baggage in our lives in order to completely focus on what’s most important in our lives. Our personal goals and aspirations should never receive a secondary priority in life. We should attempt to physically connect with loved ones and close friends through actually finding them in the real world more often than we should speak with them through social media. Most importantly, if there’s a problem to solve, stop dwelling on the fact it exists. Do something to change this reality!



The most successful method to achieve personal happiness is to free yourself from a life of servitude you believe is required to remain financially, emotionally, and physically secure. True, don’t force yourself to change at a pace faster than you can handle. Life is hard enough without attempting to swim upstream to leave your impact of change upon the world, but we only have one chance while we’re alive on this pale blue dot. Remove the self-created barriers in your mind and start on what you believe can be done.


Please, don’t postpone whatever you wish to accomplish until another time. Stop creating excuses to remove yourself from the starting line, which is the most difficult choice you will ever make while striving to fulfill your dreams. I understand, we’re humans with the capacity to fall and skin our knees along the way. Nobody ever said life was supposed to be a walk in the park. Don’t believe me when I state that failure is one of the most miserable though breathtaking feelings in life, discover this for yourself. When you wish to surrender yourself to the belief ‘I can’t do this, it won’t ever work.’, stand up and get back in the fight swinging. Life has never been or should be a continuous experience of comfort, life is a roller coaster ride with sharp turns and steep hills for a reason. So what are you waiting for? Nobody ever remembers those who never stood up to accomplish something outside the norm.


Seriously people, don’t let friends, family, gender, age, health, and wealth solely define you. Besides, the naysayers are always in the background spreading lies about how you can’t achieve something you want because you’re too young, too old, only men can do that, only those with money can do that, and you’re not thinking about your family first. Let these negative individuals continue to spread their hatred for the light of reason, the fact you’ve chosen to pursue a goal. In the end, at least you were productive through action rather than destructive through words.


I’ve finally acknowledged this universal fact of humanity, our worst critic is not friends or family; except ourselves. Thoughts of doubt were what stated that ‘Renewed Snow (the sequel I’m writing for my first novel Snow Wolf) is a horrible book to publish, don’t do it.’ It was fear which described how I shouldn’t ‘live a dangerous life by beginning to speak out about what has been kept dear to my heart for the past several years.’ It was depression which stated ‘I will never connect with people on a personal, emotional level.’ I’m better than to believe the lies I tell myself every day. I’m still imperfect, just like everyone else, but at least I’ve managed to have imperfection work in my favor for a change.