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Beyond Our Cosmos

Humanity failed to explore

Beyond the Earth’s moon

All while probes, satellites, and rovers

Have been sent beyond our closest neighbor

Many of which have reached

The edge of the Solar System itself

What about Homo sapiens?

Don’t we deserve better than this?

Manned space exploration

The holy grail of the 21st century

After nearly five decades

Where humans never left low-Earth orbit

Forget about the innumerable risks

Where space could kill us immediately

Should we escape the protection

Of our spacesuits and spacecraft alike

< >

All the hype derived from films and books

Especially those from the last ten years

The drive to explore space is understandable

We wish to journey for the Red Planet

And this journey is very possible soon

What about other celestial bodies?

How about colonizing Venus?

Once we eliminate the sulfurous clouds

Is the Moon a suitable home too?

How about Phobos and Deimos?

The two moons of the planet Mars

Doesn’t matter which are viable sites

For future populations of homo sapiens

Humanity is going

Whether the haters outnumber us

Or not

< >

In the year 1492

Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean

From east to west

Was considered risky if not fatal


People would greet Columbus

And they could help him return to Spain

Unfortunately for space pioneers

Besides those stationed in low-Earth orbit

Those who venture farther out

Will have nobody to rescue them

Should a major problem occur

They will need to rely on each other

< >

Due to my vivid imagination

I can perceive how humanity can live elsewhere

Somewhere beyond the edges of the Solar System

Here’s a good question

What’s really beyond the asteroid belt?

You know

This humongous ring of big rocks

Found between Mars and Jupiter

If only we knew the answer to this question:

What’s beyond the dwarf planet Pluto?

I’ve watched the space pioneers

During their quest to search the heavens

Where they found hundreds of planets

All situated in distant galaxies

The time between these discoveries

And when humans venture towards them

Could be measured in centuries

We might be an ambitious, intelligent species

If exploring space beyond our system is desired

The first step we make

No matter the impact it makes

Must be made soon

< >

Why not now today?

Humanity possess the technology

Companies are preparing to mine asteroids

To provide resources for use on Earth

To construct infrastructure in outer space

For use in colonizing the cosmos

We’ve taken risks before

Look at our history on this planet

We colonized the Earth over thousands of years

Acclimating ourselves to various climates

Forging the crudest of weapons and tools

To find ourselves possessing great potential

Our species is almost entirely interconnected

Our technology more advanced

Than those days on the plains of Africa

Several million years ago

In other words

Humanity has come a long way

And despite the journey thus far

We’re far from anything associated with finish lines

< >

In respect to human exploration

This is the beginning of our journey

New systems to colonize

New galaxies inhabit

On these untamed planets

With their foreign habitats and exotic suns

Many people are not afraid

Or understanding firsthand

By putting boots on the ground

In the name of science

And carbon based life forms itself

I’m aware of the ongoing bloodshed

The widespread poverty and chronic illness

Which afflicts this species of ours

There’s no better time in human history

Than the current era we’re in

We have some of the boldest thinkers

Who continue to question everyone

And everything at our disposal now

< >

Why didn’t we head out sooner?

The technology meant for space exploration

Has been around for several decades

We have already set foot on the Moon

Long before I took my first steps during infancy

Space technology has improved exponentially

Since those days during the space race

Another competition like long ago

Through free market competition

A similar attitude can be achieved

Forget the antics of the pessimistic

Humanity will be reaching out again

With the help of ambitious souls

To colonize Mars and the Moon

To venture towards the edge of the Solar System

Without question

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