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I’m A Phlebotomist

Hello, I’m a phlebotomist

I request patients to roll up their sleeves

But first, what is your first and last name?

How about your date of birth?

Who is your doctor?

Let me check your wristband too

That is, if you have one

Otherwise I will need to find the nurse first

For patient identification is vital

Within the healthcare environment

< >

Hello, I’m a phlebotomist

I use a tourniquet to help anchor your veins

I use a finger to palpate for them

Have you drank plenty of water?

Have you fasted for twelve hours?

I understand your hunger pains

Unfortunately, breakfast can wait for now

I know you want coffee and creamer

Please provide me a few minutes

I will be done here shortly

< >

Hello, I’m a phlebotomist

I’m almost ready to draw your blood

My needle equipment has been assembled

The tubes and sterile gauze are all within reach

Please keep your arm straight and don’t move

Here we go

Depending on your veins

They are either shallow or deep

Highly visible or invisible altogether

Regardless, I’ve struck a lively oil

And my tubes are filling fast

< >

Hello, I’m a phlebotomist

Are you feeling alright?

I mean, I am removing blood from your system

If you’re not, please take a deep breath

I’ll have someone grab a juice

And before you realize it

The blood draw is over in seconds

I’ll place an initialed label on each tube

Then confirm the information is correct

With your acknowledgement of course

< >

Hello, I’m a phlebotomist

I’m sorry, but I need a urine sample too

Don’t worry, I won’t stand in the bathroom with you

Unless you request my assistance

But if you’re here for a drug screening

I will request the door remain slightly ajar

I have many more duties

Like collecting throat swabs

Listening to a patient’s stories

Because I am a phlebotomist

And no matter the situation I’m thrown into

No matter the tasks involved today

And the days that follow this one

Patient confidentiality and comfort

They always come first

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