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The Snow Wolf Series

Snow Wolf (Book 1)

frontcoverIt was supposed to be a relaxing wilderness retreat—a seven-day vacation from the everyday grind. But for John Ellis and his three best friends, their trip to Wolf Mountain State Forest has become so much more.

Deep in the woods of Wyoming, the four friends become deeply self-reflective, exploring their relationships, identities, and future careers. And upon forging a romantic bond with fellow traveler Kristi Meadowood, John sees the perfect chance to contemplate the next step of their relationship—and their buddies Taylor and Adam have a few surprises of their own to reveal.

But when the group encounters a lone white wolf, as pure and bright as snow, their journey takes an unexpected turn. After a momentary miscommunication, the friends accept Snow Wolf as their guard dog and protector. But the wolf is struggling to survive as it heads northward in search of a pack of his own.

Exploring contemporary issues with passion and heart, Snow Wolf is a story of overcoming obstacles—searching for love and acceptance, staying true to oneself, and enduring overwhelming loss.

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Renewed Snow (Book 2)



(Not the official book description, nor the official book cover, but here’s an idea of what the story is about)

With Snow Wolf’s efforts to find the wolf pack in the north hampered by the humans, he carves out a new future amongst a wolf pack that live at a zoo in Portland, Oregon. However, there’s tensions with an old friend, Old Timer, while on the quest to search for family and territory.

John Ellis and his girlfriend Kristi Meadowood return to Salt Lake City from their vacation with Adam and Taylor at Wolf Mountain State Forest in Wyoming, but will their bond survive with the onset of new challenges?

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